After the killing of TTP’s senior commander Waliur Rehman in a drone attack Pakistan experienced a violent wave of terrorism hitting almost every part of the country. Generally, this entire violent backlash in the country is being attributed to the ongoing drone attacks in the FATA. Now, another drone attack claiming 18 lives in North Waziristan would serve no other purpose, except to further accelerate the speed and augment the intensity of violent manifestation of the phenomenon of terrorism in the country. In fact, Pakistan seems to have been caught in the middle of the vicious cycles of terrorism due to these diabolic ‘actions’ and ‘reactions’. Apparently, the trigger-happy US drones and fire-eating terrorists are equally busy in playing havoc with the peace, stability and security of Pakistan, why don’t they directly attack American embassies or American companies rather than killing innocent Pakistanis?

The PML-N has pledged to stop these drone attacks in the country during its election campaign. After being elected as PM, Mr Nawaz Sharif also vowed to convince Americans to change their drone policy in Pakistan. So far, there seems no serious or sincere endeavour on the part the government in this regard. Like the past governments of Pervez Musharraf and PPP, the attitude of the present government towards these drone attacks is also quite apologetic, ambiguous and rather dubious. Now, if Pakistan wants to get out of this vicious cycle of violence then it has to go off at a tangent by revisiting and reformulating its overall anti-terrorism policy. Pakistan has to fight this so-called ‘war on terror’ on its own terms by setting new rules of engagement and devising a comprehensive strategy for it. But all this requires a strong political will, firm determination and definite resolution. Indeed, where there is will, there is way.


Lahore, July 5.