The people living in Lahore have been suffering from 16 to 18 hours load shedding. Despite claims from PML-N that there would be only 6 to 8 load shedding during Ramzan, we have seen an increase in load shedding and electricity tariffs which are increased without any reason. As a citizen who pays tax every month I would like to know why I have to carry the load of the government on my shoulders. What are they doing to earn my money? 70% of our budget is allocated to the Armed forces, who enjoy unlimited perks and advantages, from free residences, schooling, medical, to large land holdings as well as large bungalows when they retire and pensions, just to mention a few. Now the government officials get the same perks and privileges and what do I get? Khawaja Asif and the PML-N government should be held accountable for this rising problem of energy and the circular debt. What are they doing? They increase electricity tariff, petrol prices and call it a democracy. Where is the people’s voice who voted for them? Are they happy with this government? Khawaja Asif should resign.


Lahore, July 14.