There seems to be an intellectual crisis prevailing in the country. The country is facing socio-economic problems coupled with terrorist attacks. The problems are on a constant rise and people have chosen indifference as an answer. Some people contend that Quaid was not a Muslim, but instead he was secular. Why can’t someone with secular views be a Muslim? What kind of society do we live in? We argue on trivial matters and we provide arguments for the sake of arguments. The media, bureaucrats, the establishment, the private sector and the politicians have all failed to play their respective roles to help our country progress.

We tend to look for shortcuts rather than using a rational approach to solve our problems. This is purely due to our vested interests. There is a dire need for substantial measures. More than half of the country is in turmoil but unfortunately we are bestowed with a visionless leadership. Furthermore, hours are wasted on talk shows but no one comes up with any solutions. The politicians are not the only ones to blame, we all need to play a role to help our country progress. We need to negate the narrative of individualism and focus on a collective approach. We need to wake up before it is too late.


Karachi, June 11.