ISLAMABAD - An exhibition of digital Lawn prints on both contemporary and traditional styles will be open at My Art World Gallery.

The exhibition showcases the collections of Zara Sajid, a textile design graduate from the National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore. The collections contain Hamsa, gramophone, and the sunset collection.

Sajid's thesis degree display at NCA, Lahore was based on conventional and digital printing techniques with linear contemporary designs. She has also exhibited at the Taseer Art Gallery and MyArtWorld as a textile mix media artist. The works on display were a further experimentation of various fabrics, dyes, embroidery techniques and digital printing resulting in multi-layered art pieces.

Her new collection is inspired by symbols that are prevalent around as the artist said, "I feel they can be used not only as objects from our surroundings but as symbols that can adorn a woman in a conventional or experimental way."

Sajid said the fabric could be dressed in different ways in contrast to the signature cuts that women in Pakistan prefer.  "Such original, funky designs. It's a perfect fusion of the contemporary and the traditional," remarked Amelia Qasir, one of the purchasers of Sajid's lawn prints.

 There are just a few copies of each print that keeps the exclusivity intact that is what the designer is focusing on instead of making it a uniform that one can see everyone wearing. Each design is an art piece that only a few will be wearing and using as their canvas however they like.  The exhibition will remain open from 5pm to 9pm at MyArtWorld Gallery, House 5-A, Aga Khan Road, F-6/3.