KABUL- Afghanistan accused Haqqani Network and Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) behind the attack on Kabul airport.

Interior ministry spokesman, Sediq Sediqi, told reporters that the attack on Kabul airport was either plotted by Haqqani Network or the Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI). Sediqi further added that the attack on Kabul airport was apparently plotted to avenge the coordinated attack on Karachi airport, as Pakistani believes Afghanistan was involved behind the attack.

He said the Haqqani Network, Taliban group and Pakistan’s ISI have continuously attempted to attack the airport in Afghaistan.

According to Sediqi, ISI is keen to stop the international flights in Afghanistan after similar flights were halted in Karachi following the

Taliban attack. The attack on Kabul airport was launched by a group of five militants who took their positions inside an under constrution building located close to the airport.

Interior ministry officials said all militants were eliminated during the gun battle with the Afghan security forces and no damages were incurred to airport. The officials also added that the assailant militants were of Pakistani origin as they were speaking in Urdu language.