Kim Kardashian is a changed woman since her marriage to Kanye West. Sources say the reality star is increasingly unrecognizable to those around her.

‘Kim has totally morphed into the person that Kanye envisioned her to be,’ a pal told Radar Online. ‘She’s changed. From demanding Kim overhaul her wardrobe, to forcing her to hang out with his friends, Kanye has just completely taken over her life. Kim doesn’t have any interests of her own that Kanye doesn’t approve of.

‘He constantly scrutinizes Kim, and she’s constantly walking on eggshells around him. ‘She begins every sentence with ‘Kanye thinks so and so,’ and ‘Kanye wants this and that’. ‘There seems to be a lack of playful banter between Kim and Kanye, and laughter. By all appearances, Kim looks like she has it all a perfect husband, and a beautiful daughter but the light and joy in her eyes is gone.’ 

‘With Kanye, Kim is completely different,’ the source continued. ‘She has become hyper-critical of her appearance, and making sure everything is perfect for Kanye 24/7. Whereas Reggie Bush was completely laid-back and easy-going, Kanye is intense, and very hard to please.’ ‘She tells everyone how happy she is with Kanye,’ the source said.

‘But if that’s true, why does she look so sad all the time?’