ISLAMABAD - Though the PPP has recently supported PTI chief Imran Khan’s demand for recounting in four constituencies, it is still not in favour of joining ‘Azadi March’ at any level.

“PPP would avoid to be part of the PTI’s ‘Azadi March’ on 14 August, however, it will only provide its moral support to Imran,” a senior PPP leader shared with The Nation on Thursday. 

PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari’s recent back-to-back attack on PML-N government has ostensibly encouraged the PTI to invite PPP to participate in its ‘Azadi March’.

“PTI’s senior leader Shah Memood Qureshi after Zardari’s statement on recounting on 4 constituencies has contacted PPP to join hands with them on 14 August to make their long march successful,” said PPP Secretary General Sardar Latif Khosa.

He, however, said that no assurance has so far been given to PTI in this regard.

At the same time, their party’s bigwigs are not willing to support Imran with their physical presence.

Khosa said that they would advise the PML-N government to tackle ‘Azadi March’ with political wisdom and avoid conflict at any stage.

“There is a need of political wisdom to handle upcoming PTI’s Azadi Marach,” said the PPP senior leader.

To a question about chances of PPP joining the federal government, he ruled out the possibility saying, “We are not going to sit in the sinking boat and support the absolute monarch-style government.”

As, the rumor is circulating that the PML-N government is mulling to introduce minus-PTI formula in the parliament by inviting opposition parties including PPP, MQM, JI to be their coalition partners.

To a question about the government’s idea to call an All Parties Conference (APC), Latif Khosa said that they were still not contacted to participate in any APC.

When contacted, PTI’s central leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi said PTI had asked all political parties to join their march on 14 August.

Political experts viewed that though PPP soon after the results of the general elections had raised its objections over alleged rigging in polls but Zardari’s statement at this juncture is surprising for the PML-N.