LAHORE - All pre- and post-revolution measures and mechanisms for their enforcement are ready and would be unveiled at appropriate time, says Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri.

In an interview at his well-guarded Model Town residence on Thursday, he said he is holding consultations with up to 5,000 people from various walks of life everyday to ensure the success of his initiative. The exercise will continue for another 25 days. Thereafter people will be given a call to come out and uproot what he calls the exploitative system which protects the interests of the elite only.

The model of revolution Dr Tahirul Qadri has tailored for Pakistan will be a blend of the American, French, Chinese, Russian and Iranian revolutions in addition to the ingredients developed by the Pakistan Awami Tehrik chief in the light of the system introduced by the Prophet (PBUH) for the state of Madina, the spirit of the preamble of the 1973 Constitution and the post-partition speeches of Qauid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

If he succeeds in his mission, immediately after the revolution a process of ruthless accountability will be started. Simultaneously, reforms will be introduced in various sectors and then elections will be held under the reformed system. The new system could be parliamentary or presidential or a mixture of the two, as to be decided by the people.

Here is how he responded when some more questions were put to him about his philosophy of change and what factors make him believe that he would be able to bring bout a revolution in a country where he doesn’t enjoy a widespread support and where almost all major mainstream political forces are wary of his radical ideas.

Q: You are telling people that a revolution will take place during the next few weeks. But the on-ground situation doesn’t support your claim. Most of political parties are opposing you; there is no public mobilization; there is no unrest among the masses; you don’t pin any hopes on the army. In such a situation what’s the basis of your claim that the revolution is a matter of weeks, not months?

A: Only pro-status quo parties are opposing us; they are irrelevant for us; we don’t need their support. Our struggle is against the elite and different mafias who have captured power and occupying country’s resources. We have attached our hopes with Allah, awam (masses) and activists. We will certainly accomplish our mission.

Q: What is it from which you inferred that it’s only you that the people want to lead the struggle for a change?

A: You will get the answer to your question when I give the people a call. Our struggle is against the system. Except for us, nobody else is talking of a revolution. Others talk of protecting the existing system of loot and plunder; they are opposed to an egalitarian system.

Q: How will the presence of a million KP IDPs affect your revolution schedule? Unless this problem is properly dealt with, will not you be drawing people’s criticism by talking of the revolution?

A: No. There will be no justification for anyone to criticise us. We are extending all possible cooperation to the IDPs. We have already sent 14 truckloads of relief goods and more are being arranged. Settlement of the IDPs will take time. That process will go on uninterrupted.

Q: Which parties you regard as your allies and which your opponents? To what extent will you rely on support from your allies to actualise your vision?

A: All parties that support status quo or are the product thereof; all parties involved in financial, moral, political and administrative corruption will oppose our agenda. But the anti-status quo and pro-masses parties are with us. Some are already working with us; more will announce their support for us in the days ahead. I don’t want to name these parties or make an announcement about the revolution date beforetime.

Q: On what terms and conditions you can join hands with Imran Khan to make a joint struggle for the change?

A: Who will cooperate with whom, is yet to be settled. For cooperation commonality of the agenda is a must. We are for a revolution, not midterm polls. Our martyrs did not lay down their lives for midterm polls. Many elections have been held in the country in the past but have failed to solve people’s problems. Every time almost same people reach the assemblies.

Q: Will the revolution take place in one go or in phases?

A: It will take some days to complete. But the post-revolution changes will be in phases. There will be ruthless accountability of the corrupt seen never in the past. Thereafter, constitutional, political, electoral, judicial, administrative reforms will be introduced. All institutions will be depoliticised.

In just one month after the revolution people with low incomes will get food items at 50 per cent of the routine rates. The accountability process will be completed within months. Fifty million acres of state lands will be distributed to the landless. In one year the people will feel a real change in the country.

Replying to a question, Dr Qadri said the existing assemblies have no role to play in the implementation of his agenda. Asked what if despite all his efforts, individual or collective, he failed to bring about a change, the PAT chief said, “Insha Allah our efforts will bear fruit. I have full trust in Allah”.