Karachi-Interior Secretary Imtiaz Tajwar instructed Inspector General Sindh Ghulam Haider Jamali today to inform the relatives of recently detained suspects about the whereabouts of their relatives.

The interior secretary said that the kin of the suspects rounded up for investigation are worried as they have been unable to contact their families. He further directed the joint investigation team to conclude its investigation within seven days so that those who are innocent can be freed.

A recent BBC report said that over 500 people had been arrested by security agencies on suspicion of criminal or terrorist involvement all over the country, with more than 300 from the Punjab and over 100 from Karachi. Around 150 were detained from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

A report sent to the federal government by intelligence agencies said that the highest number of Taliban-linked criminals and their sympathizers were present in Karachi after North and South Waziristan. The intelligence units, formed at the police station level in the federal capital to eliminate networks of criminals, have started functioning. As many as 36 police officials have been deputed in the intelligence units. According to the police, the units have been formed in all police stations, while two officials from each of the 18 stations in Islamabad have been chosen to make up a team that will trace the networks of criminals.