As I left home for the library I called a relative about the location of the library I wanted to visit, he told me it was near to DHO office. When I reached there, I was surprised that the library had been constructed near DHO office which was a noisy place. After that, as I entered the library, I was perplexed there was not nobody in the library whom I could ask for help. After half an hour two people entered the library with newspapers, they seemed to be the staff, I moved towards them and asked for an English newspaper; they replied that there isn’t any. I then requested for a Sindhi newspaper, they looked at me and said, “Don’t you see that we are reading the newspaper?” Then I thought to visit the rest of the library but it was limited to a single hall.

There were around a thousand books, locked in wooden shelves; I didn’t ask the staff any questions as they did not seem prone to help the public. They were busy in talking and having tea. Isn’t that why we get a government job, so that we don’t have to work? They I am sure did not know about the rule of silence in a library as they were creating a racket and also smoking inside the premises.

I believe that this library should be called ‘Talking and Smoking Library,’ instead of BB Library. Someone has rightly said that if you want to destroy a nation, destroy their education. Our education sector presents a very sorry state due to negligence of the rich corrupt landlords and the destructive and miserable Sindh government and corrupt politicians who must be held responsible for the destruction of this nation.


Sindh, July 14.