LAHORE - The newer generation brought up in an age of information technology is least bothered about the dying tradition of sending Eid greetings to near and dear ones.

No longer than fifteen years, the selecting, purchasing and posting of Eid cards to friends was a routine matter before every Eid. It has become a rarity now, thanks to the advent of information technology which has affected peoples’ lives in many other ways too.

Though some shops in big markets still display Eid cards, but they don’t attract many a buyers these days. Sending greetings through SMS and email has gradually taken over the old tradition of sending cards through post office.

It has also given a big blow to the Eid card industry compelling the people associated with this business to look for alternative means of earning money.

As the tradition of sending Eid cards is gradually getting outdated, the older generation is finding it hard to adjust to the new situation. The newer generation, however, is quite happy with the new trend of sending greetings through SMS and email. Apart from this, e-cards have also made their way into the social media. They are much like the traditional cards but reach their intended receivers mostly through facebook and twitter. They can also be sent through email.