Our national airline PIA has offered a 30% discount to all travelers to spend Eid with their loved ones, a commendable marketing initiative but would one really trust them, I guess you can’t even imagine the misery and agony one goes through, during Ramazan, when a flight is delayed, as the regular crew vanish leaving the passengers with no one to ask anything. The delay, one can understand sometimes it’s inevitable but the PIA staff’ vanishing and a private contractor, very foolishly asking you to show your boarding pass, to collect a sandwich and a paper cup half full of tea, is absurd.

Only yesterday a relative had to stay at Dubai airport for hours when his plane developed a technical fault, fine, no issue but imagine when I read a PIA spokesman giving a statement saying these delays are planned due to Ramazan timing and passengers are informed, what a shameful lie, one should not be lying in Ramazan at least. My relative was sitting at an airport, if it was a planned delay why was he even given a boarding pass? What kind of delay is a planned delay?

The first step to solving a problem is to realise that there is one, I guess PIA management should first become honest before they market slogans otherwise it will have to be read as "spend EID at one of our airports- with or without loved ones".


Karachi, July 13.