With the holy month of Ramazan coming to an end we are all ready to celebrate Eidul Fitr. Allah Almighty has been kind and gracious as hot and humid weather was taking its toll on the people the season of Monsoon set in during the last ashra of Ramazan. People were relieved to see the rains pouring in more sky. Eid preparation activity, which was quite sluggish due to sultry weather conditions suddenly picked up. People rushed to markets for shopping. Sales were high this Eid even though there was unprecedented price hike.

Some trends were distinctively seen during this Eid. One was the return of Eid cards. Though sale of Eid cards has not picked up but the companies, individuals, institutions and people themselves have published their own Eid cards to greet others. The Eid greeting cards that came to The Nation office was a mixed bag. The cards ranged from almost all the government and non-governmental institutions as well as from individual government officers. Also there were a lot of cards from fashion lablels, designers, some churches and one from the makers of a film being released on Eidul Fitr. Besides that people greeted each other on the social media by making cards using their photoshop techniques.

Another trend that seems to be picking up with each passing years is greetings friends and relatives by giving them Eid cakes, which now come in large variety. Chand Raat as usual was a festive affair but the shocking and disturbing factor was the motorists jumping the signals to get to their destination.

As Eid-ul-Fitr is one of the religious and traditional festivities therefore the people make sure that they buy the best clothes. A lot of labels and brands had started offering special discounts on the last three day before Eid. Likewise credit and debit cards of most banks offered special discounts on their usage in restaurants, Traffic at roads leading to main commercial centers remained blocked. Eid stalls had been established at various points in the all the metropolitan cities offering large variety of mehndi, bangles, handbags, shoes and colourful dresses etc. All the fashion markets are crowded with women and children who are busy preparing for the eid day. Especially women looked enthusiastic and happy with their eid shopping. Their main focus is on the purchase of the clothes, churiyaan, foot wear and many other items. The colourful lights and the decoration of the malls made shopping trips more memorable. The traders had decorated their shops to attract buyers. Kids on the other hand are excited for the eiddi and busy in planning to spend their Eid holidays.

Youngsters are busy in planning barbecue parties for Eid while many of them are going to stay indoors and kill time by sleeping, eating and watching TV.