LAHORE - Jumatul Wida, the last Friday of Ramazan, was observed with great religious sanctity across the country. All mosques were overcrowded, mainly because of the presence of the casual prayer sayers.

The khateebs shed light on the importance of the day and how the Muslims could use it to mould their future lives.

Special prayers were made for the solidarity of the country, unity of the Ummah. The enforcement of the Islamic system in all walks of life was the subject of the sermons of khateebs.

Since Friday also happened to be the last day of the month of fasting, those observing Aitekaf at various mosques came out of their nine-day seclusion after the sunset and rejoined their families.

Relatives and friends garlanded the Aitekaf observers and escorted them to their homes. Unfortunately, on the same day Eid was celebrated in some parts of the KP.