Jumatul Wida was observed in almost all the principal mosques of Hafizabad, Pindi Bhattian, Sukheke Mandi, Jalalpur Bhattian, Vanike Tarar, Kaleke Mandi, Rasoolpur Tarar, Kolo Tarar and other towns of the district with fervour and solemnity with special prayers for the Muslim Ummah and prosperity and security of Pakistan. There was heavy rush in all the mosques and the believers were constrained to offer Friday prayer even on some roads.

Special prayers were offered for the solidarity and integrity of the country and success of Zarb-e-Azab to weed out terrorism in the country and early liberation of occupied Kashmir.

The prayer leaders (Ulema) during their sermon have called upon the Muslims to “hold fast the rope of Almighty Allah” and inculcate in them tolerance, forbearance and strive for the unity of Muslims and glorification of Islam.

They said that teachings of holy Quran and Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) are panacea for all ills and problems confronting the Ummah and it was, therefore, imperative for all of us to adopt these teachings for our salvation in this world and Hereafter. They have also called upon the government to ensure introduction of Islamic order in the country in letter and spirit.

TWO ROBBED: Two villagers were deprived of cash amounting to Rs185,000 and cellphones on Sheikhupura Road near Jurian village in broad daylight here on Friday.

Muhammad Amjad and Muhammad Afzaal were on the way to the city on a bike and when they reached near Jurian village, four armed bandits intercepted them and snatched cash and cellphones from them.

The police, as usual, are investigating with no result.