Eidul Fitr will be celebrated with religious fervour and enthusiasm as Eid congregations will be held at 1,193 places in the Bahawalpur division where Ulema will deliver sermons highlighting the importance of the day.

At the congregations, the religious scholars will underline the need to forge unity among all ranks for national progress, prosperity and stability. They will pray for the wellbeing of Muslim Ummah, peace, early solution to the Held Jammu & Kashmir, solidarity, integrity, progress and prosperity of the country. Talking to The Nation exclusively, Bahawalpur Regional Police Officer Dr Ehsan Sadiq said that high security measures will be adopted for sensitive points in the Bahawalpur Division where the law and order situation could be disturbed.

As many as 118 points of Eid congregations have been declared as “sensitive” thus 15,654 police officers, Jawans and volunteers would be deployed for the security of 1,193 processions of Eid, he noted. Entry of the people will be made through walkthrough gates installed by the police, he said.

Foolproof arrangements have been finalised to maintain security, he claimed and said walkthrough gates and CCTV cameras will be fixed to monitor the participants. All the resources will be used to avoid any unpleasant incident.

He said that by considering current situation of the country and terrorism incidents, special arrangements for the security on Eidul Fitr have been made to avoid any unpleasant incident.

He said that all SDPOs had been directed to observe their duties with full concentration during Religious gatherings. He said that no one will be allowed to enter the mosques/Eidgahs carrying any kind of weapon and suspicious article like bag or sack, Parking will be established 100 metres away from the place of gatherings.

Elite Force and Muhafiz Squads will continue their patrol around the gatherings and in case of any emergency, Quick Response Force and Reserve Squad will arrive immediately on the spot, he said. He said that fool proof security arrangements had been made to keep peace intact during EID.

District Coordination Officer Imran Sikander Baloch said that 360 Eid gatherings will be held in Bahawalpur District while 36 gatherings had been declared sensitive by the police where special security arrangements had been made. He said that special security plan had been made for this Eid. He said focal person of all departments had been nominated and they will be responsible for all the duties assigned to them. He further said that, Bomb disposal squad, fire brigades and rescuers will remain alert on Eid days.

DPO Rahim Yar Khan Tariq Mastoi said that security arrangements for the 507 Eidul Fitr gatherings had been completed and to keep security effective the district has been divided into 5 zones and 27 sectors. Out of 507 Eidul Fitr gatherings, 52 have been declared extremely sensitive, 51 sensitive while 404 have been declared normal and these locations have been divided into categories A, B and C and their security arrangements have been finalised, he said.

To counter terrorism and extremism, maintaining peace and giving the public sense of safety throughout the district on 507 Eidul FItr gatherings, 1,200 armed police officials, 1,300 police volunteers and 1,300 local administration’s volunteers will be deployed for the security and they have been given the briefing regarding their duties, he said.

The DPO appealed to the public to keep a vigilant eye on the suspects or suspicious things and in case they found one they should immediately inform the Police or Police Emergency Rescue 15 to prove themselves as responsible citizen.

Likewise, 326 Eid gatherings will be held in Bahawalnager District where 30 Eid gatherings had been declared sensitive. All security measure had been adopted to secure any unpleasant incident. As many as 1,967 police officers and Jawans will perform their duties to cover the security of these Eid gatherings.

Secretary District Regional Transport Authority Muhammad Ibrahim Ghuman said that a complaint cell had been set up in his office. This cell will monitor the overcharging made by the transporters during Eid days

Bahawalpur Waste Management Company has constituted a cleanliness plan.

Bahawalpur Waste Management Company Seceratery Muhammad Azam kanjo told that on all three days of Eidul Fitr more than 750 workers will observe their duties. To ensure the cleanliness throughout the city, Bahawalpur Waste Management Company’s officials will keep monitoring on all 3 days of Eid, he added.

He further urged the residents of Bahawalpur to take special care of the cleanliness of their areas and do no dump garbage on the roads and streets. The main function of Eidul Fitr will be held here at Markazi Eidgah where Minister for State Mian Balighur-Rehman. Provincial Minister Iqbal Channer. Commissioner Bahawalpur Division Saqin Zafer and other officers will offer their Eid prayers.

Lodhran DPO Gohar Mushtaq Bhutta asked the public to play their role to maintain peace on Eidul Fitr. He said that holidays of all the police officials have been cancelled and security plan has been prepared and finalised. On more than 208 Eidgahs throughout the district, more than 1,000 police officials, constables, lady constable and private security guards along with volunteers would be deployed. Elite Force and reserve force will also be on alert to fight to any emergency situation.

He directed DSPs and SHOs that on Eidul Fitr, wanted and professional criminals also came to their homes for celebrating Eid with their families so Police’s monitoring be made effective.

In the surrounding of the Eidgahs, police patrol will be increased while CCTV cameras have been installed on important mosques, Imambargahs, general bus stands and railway stations so that no problem can be faced regarding security.

Eid prayers will be offered at 103 open places, Eidgahs, mosques and Imambargahs of Chanigoth, Uch Sharif, Mubarakpur, Dhorkot, Dera Nawab Sahib, Janowala, Kotla Musa Khan, Naushera Jadid, Hatehi and Ahmedpur East.

Main Eid congregation will be held in Markazi Eidgah Ahmedpur East which will be led by Mufti Ahmed Mehmoodi. Nawab of Bahawalpur Salahuddin Abbasi and other leading members of Abbasi family will offer their Eid prayers in Royal Eidgah Dera Nawab Sahib.