Islamabad-The Balochistan government has recommended to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Abdul Sattar Essani, Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Islamabad, in accordance with the findings of an enquiry into the cause of death of Jahanzeb Khan Kakar, SSP Jaffarabad, Balochistan, who apparently committed suicide in his office on May 16, 2016, highly reliable sources revealed to The Nation yesterday.

The news of his death under mysterious circumstances had come as a shock to the family and all those who knew him. Following his death, the IG police Balochistan had directed Sharjeel Kareem Kharal, DIG Naseerabad, and Abdul Razzaq Cheema, DIG Special Branch Balochistan, to enquire into the matter and determine the cause of death.

According to the enquiry report sent by the secretary S&GAD Balochistan to the secretary establishment division Islamabad — a copy of which is exclusively available with The Nation — Essani, a PAS officer from Shikarpur, presently posted as ADCG, Islamabad and also a close friend of the deceased SSP invited the latter to the residence of one of his relatives in Shikarpur on May 15, 2016. “It is apprehended that both of them (Jahanzeb and Essani) took some drugs in addition to alcohol during the dinner party and Essani left his friend unattended when he lost his senses and started doing strange acts, such dancing in public in naked position followed by a beating by the locals and area police. It is obvious that the officer after regaining his senses could not digest the level of insult and shame which he faced on the night between May 15 and 16. He lost his patience and control, and resultantly committed suicide in depression,” said the enquiry report.

Secretary S&GAD Balochistan, Bilal Jamali besides suggesting disciplinary proceedings against the ADCG has also asked the secretary establishment division Islamabad to direct the officer to assist in the ongoing investigations of the case. The sources in the establishment division said that the officer is not cooperating with the investigating authorities and has not joined the interrogation proceedings yet.

According to the fact-finding enquiry report, on May 15, 2016, at about 1800 hours, SSP Jahanzeb Khan along with his security staff proceeded for Shikarpur to attend a dinner party for which invitation was extended by his friend Abdul Sattar Essani, presently posted as ADCG, Islamabad. From the border of district Shikarpur, they were escorted by a private car of Abdul Sattar Essani to the latter’s residence. After some time, Jahanzeb Khan and Essani drove away in a private car to an unknown place while leaving their personal staff and police escort at Essani’s home. The reports further revealed that both the officers remained away till early next morning and later on it was disclosed that both had gone to a house of some relative of the ADCG. Essani returned back to his residence quietly early next morning while leaving SSP Jahanzeb Khan alone at the house of his relative.

The inquiry team, during the course of enquiry, also learnt that an Essani’s servant had gone to a wine shop in Shikarpur and brought some liquor same day, the enquiry report revealed.

ASI Rahim Dad, in-charge escort of the SSP stated to the enquiry team that on May 16, 2016 early in the morning, one servant of Essani told him that SSP Jahanzeb Khan was doing strange acts for the last 2 to 3 hours at the place where he was left alone by Essani. He further stated that according to Essani’s servant, Jahanzeb Khan kept roaming naked not only at the rooftop of the house of Essani’s relative but also on the rooftops of the adjoining houses. Resultantly, Jahanzeb Khan was caught by the inhabitants of the neighbouring houses. He was also beaten up and handed over to local emergency police-15.

Rahim Dad further stated that on this information, he and his other 8 fellow constables reached the indicated place where SSP Jahanzeb Khan had been overpowered by the civilians and Shikarpur police and found lying naked in a police mobile van. His hands were also tied up. The SSP also looked semiconscious apparently under the immense influence of some intoxicant. Rahim Dad and his colleagues told the police officials of Shikarpur district about the identity of their officer and got him released. The staff also collected the clothes of the SSP from the house of Essani’s relative. Rahim Dad and his colleagues dressed up Jahanzeb Khan and brought him back to Jaffarabad. By the time, they reached Jaffarabad, Dad stated, the SSP started regaining his senses and asked his staff about the possibility of having photographed or filmed while he was naked for which his staff could not confirm with certainty, the enquiry report further said.

According to the both enquiry officers (DIG Naseerabad and DIG Special Branch), the above-referred incident stands verified as such by Rahim Dad and 8 officials of personal staff who were accompanying SSP Jahanzeb, Shikarpur police officials who reached the spot, personal servant of Abdul Sattar Essani, and private persons living in that vicinity in Shikarpur.

The enquiry officers further maintained that on reaching Jaffarabad, SSP Jahanzeb went to his residence, took some time to fresh up and came to his office at about 1015 hours. He asked his office boy for water time and again and ordered him not to allow anybody inside his office. Rahim Dad, escort in-charge placed SSP’s diary and pistol as per routine in his office and went out. The SSP remained alone in his office till the time DC Sohbat Pur, Zainul Abideen reached there and went inside. According to DC Sohbat Pur, when he entered his chamber, he found Jahanzeb dead, having pistol in his hands and blood all around. DIG Naseerabad also reached the spot, shifted the dead body to hospital where doctors after examination declared SSP Jahanzeb Khan dead.

An FIR under sections 322, 337J, 120-B PPC was registered at police station Dera Allah Yar in addition to the proceedings of 174 CrPC and further investigation into the case is under way. The enquiry report said: “The whole episode cost the life of a brilliant and well-reputed police officer belonging to a noble family of Quetta. The role of the host, Abdul Sattar Essani remained unexplained in many aspects.” According to the report of special branch, he had been hosting such dinner parties in past also and it is apprehended that both of them (Jahanzeb and Essani) used some drugs in addition to alcohol. Jahanzeb Khan was left at that place alone by his host Abdul Sattar Essani, once he lost his senses. The nature of the drugs taken by the deceased would be determined when the report of chemical examiner reaches.

The report said all the activities which took place at Essani’s place remained between SSP Jahanzeb and ADCG Abdul Sattar Essani which are required to be interrogated in this case as per law. However, such an irresponsible attitude of officer who arranged such type of party, took some sort of drugs and liquor and left for Islamabad without having care of his guest/friend, leaving him unattended to climb over the rooftops of different houses and roaming naked in the streets, beaten up by public and police in an insulting manner.

“It is obvious that the officer after regaining his senses could not digest the level of insult and shame which he faced on the night between May 15 and 16. He lost his patience and control resultantly committed suicide in depression”, the enquiry concluded. The enquiry team has suggested that misconduct on the part of host Abdul Sattar Essani requires to be communicated to the establishment division.

Some time back, ADCG Essani was reportedly caught drunk going to his senior’s house with girls in Islamabad. According to media reports, the capital police detained the officer in drunk state but the cops succumbing to pressure and influence later released him and hushed up the case.

However, Esani rejected the allegations, saying that nothing happened with him nor the Shalimar police detained him in drunk condition.