ISLAMABAD - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Monday imposed a ban on bringing cell phone with camera facility in the ministry’s premises.

According to the ministry officials, even the staff working at the Foreign Office and other sections of the ministry were also directed not to bring their smart cell phones or the mobile devises having the camera facility in the ministry’s premises.

Though there was no official word in this connection, yet security of the Foreign Office was listed as the reason behind the decision.

Earlier, the similar orders were also passed by the Speaker National Assembly to have a control over the recording of Parliamentary proceedings in the recent past but the orders of the Speaker could not be implemented in true letter and spirit and still the media persons used to telecast the smart-phone recorded videos of the parliamentarians’ speeches which otherwise were not allowed.

The apex court also had passed similar directions during the course of Panama Papers revelations case barring the people not to speak on the case in the court’s premises. But in total disregard of the court orders, the media persons were recording the videos of politicians appearing before the court in connection with the Panama Leaks case through their smart phones.