Lahore: Pakistan Awaami Threek Chairmen Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri stated “Upon not receiving Vol.10, infuriated rulers of the nation have taken a hold on the report of the ordeal that took place in Model Town.” Whilst addressing Awaami Lawyer’s Wing’s conference yesterday.

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri stated that he wishes for the agenda of operation ‘Go Nawaz Go’ to be on the same ‘page and stage’.

He further said that the people that had deemed not receiving Vol.10 as ‘the most horrendous violation of Human Rights’, were the same people that had ‘unrightfully’ taken a hold of Justice Bakir Najfi Commission’s report for the past three years.

Additionally he remarked that people that had ‘murdered’ tradition, law and justice with every step, were now talking about the law and justice with every breath.

He publically inquired the Sharifs, on what basis did they ‘let innocent lives die’ in Model Town, upon which he requested the nation to come out to the streets and take these ‘murderers and thieves’ out from their offices and throw them in to jail.

He continued that JIT probed their pockets and only found fraud, lies and contradictions.  

“The problem of our entire system is the fact that despite having their lies being caught publically, these thieves have the audacity to stare down other people. Despite them not only making personal palaces for themselves with the country’s money and opening off shore companies, but also getting caught, they are unhinged. ” said, Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri.

Upon commenting on all that has been unveiled so far, he stated “This is but a mere drop of water in a sea of corruption.”

On a final note he said, “For an abhorrent folly such as this, the punishment should be just as grave. All parties so come together for the nation and the country. The changing of faces does not change the condition of things.”