I rented my car to my friend, Aziz Gill. He transferred RS 15,000 into my ‘Easy Paisa Telenor Mobile Account’. I received a call after the transaction from the Telenor helpline where the operator told me about ‘a health project’. I told him I was not interested. Later on, I went to an easy paisa shop to withdraw the money, where I found out that RS 950 were charged from my account. I contacted the Telenor helpline. I find out that the money taken was charged under their health insurance scheme. I had previously told them I was no interested and had not given any permission to do this. They checked the call record and told me the money would be returned within 3 hours. 

This kind of behaviour was not acceptable as I had not given my permission. Who knows what happens next? Hence I appeal to the concerned authorities to take immediate action against such companies. 


Lahore, June 24.