The current leadership in most European countries does not seem to appeal to people anymore. As a result they have now started to look at populist parties. The populist groups claim that the present status quo is not keeping up with the promises they made during campaigning. They state the ‘needs of people’ are being ignored. These increasing far-right parties and their supporters are eagerly waiting to for the next elections. 

The US election was not a defeat of Hillary Clinton but the defeat of current status quo. Most of her policies were similar to what Obama’s government was doing, and a majority of the Americans were frustrated by these. They wanted change and as a result voted for Donald Trump – who had exact opposite principles. The situation in the US was parallel to India. The incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi on elected on the basis of Indians voting against the same old hereditary system. Brexit happened due the rise of the UK Independence party. 

But the circumstances in France were interesting. Marine Le Pen was the head of the alt-right party in the country. She was able to make it to the second round of presidential election, but was defeated by a liberal man – Emmanuel Macron. The status quo of France did not change much. 

But the question remains, what leads to the rise of these parties? It’s the current regime’s lack of sincerity and the inability to keep up with promises. After all it’s happening in both developed and undeveloped countries. 


Shikarpur, June 30.