Moore than 150 people were burnt alive in a recent incident, due to ignorance of people and bad governance. The government does not see prioritise the following problem – the leakage of highly inflammable gasoline.

One of the trucks containing petrol was over speeding and as a result lost control and crashed. The petrol started flowing on the road. People rushed here to collect as much petrol as they could in whatever items they were carrying. After all the petrol was free. It’s reported that one person lit a cigarette and in seconds he was on fire. The whole area started burning down. The burnt cars, motorbikes and bodies of the victims were all shown on television.

There are no burn units in any of the hospitals of Bahawalnagar and hence the patients had to be taken to Lahore and Multan. During the transportation a number of live were lost, as they required immediate attention and proper treatment. This has raised questions about the incompetence of the PMLN government. They have failed to provide healthcare facilities to the citizens. Hence I ask the question – are Metro buses and orange line trains more important than healthcare and education? In any other country the health and chief minister would have been obliged to resign, but in here in Pakistan they have announced compensation. Two million rupees would be granted to the families of those who have died and one million to those who are alive and injured.

It’s tragic that these politicians are able to buy off their problems. No amount of money can buy a human life. They should instead be focusing on ways to prevent more incidents like this.


Lahore Cantt, June 25.