KARAK - The residents of Sarki Lawaghar blocked the Karak-Darratang road on Monday for more than an hour in Takht-e-Nasrati area against the recruitment of non-locals in Lawaghar dam project.

The protestors chanted full-throated slogans against Adviser to Chief Minister on Prison Affairs Malik Qasim Khan Khattak.

The locals led by ANP district president and Tehsil Councillor Sajjad Ahmad Khan and village Nazim Noshad Khattak marched from Siraj Baba to Takht-e-Nasrati bazaar where the protestors blocked the Karak-Darratang road for traffic and staged a protest sit-in on the main road.

The speakers on the occasion alleged that the Adviser to Chief Minister had recruited his supporters from other areas on class-IV vacant posts of Lawaghar dam, and the local people and land-owners had been ignored. They argued that the dam had been constructed on their lands and they have the foremost right over the class-IV posts.

They rejected the recruitment of the non-locals and warned to stop work on the supply of drinking water from the dam to different areas of Tehsil Takht-e-Nasrati. They also demanded supply of drinking water from Lawaghar dam to the local people on a priority basis and warned that they would not let the water supplied to other areas until and unless the local people remained deprived of it.

The elders criticised the provincial government for violating merit in recruitments and claimed that on one side the PTI-led government makes tall claims of merit while on the other hand, it has completely failed to implement merit in the province. They said that the PTI lawmaker was working against merit, and the rights of the local people have been usurped, which was totally unacceptable to them.

They set a one-week deadline for acceptance of their demands and claimed that they would stage a protest outside the provincial assembly to expose the double standards of PTI.