RAWALPINDI: A man was punished for allegedly having an affair with a woman but having his fingers axed in Sohawa, Jhelum district.

An FIR of the incident stated that 23-year-old Hasnain Muhabat, resident of Hayyal Mughalan village in Sohawa, Jhelum District, was attracted to a girl he had attended college with. The girl, KZ*, married another man named Abdur Rehman.

On July 12th, KZ came to the village to visit her parents, and met the young man who is allegedly a labourer at their house. However, some of KZ’s relatives spotted the two together and became to persecute Muhabat.

Muhabat said that Sufi Sajid attacked him with an axe, and two of his fingers were chopped off when he raised a hand to protect himself. He added that others joined Sajid in the assault and used clubs and sticks to beat him.

Two men, Mirza Amir and Mirza Ibrahim, came to his recue. They also took him to the hospital.

Later, the Domail police registered a case against seven men including Sajid, Khawar Zaheer, Mirza Zaheer, Mirza Tariq, Mirza Babar, Mirza Zahoor Ahmed and Mirza Jahangir. Regional Police Officer (RPO) Wisal Fakhar Raja on Monday had district police officials arrest the accused immediately.

Muhammad Irshad, who is investigating the case, said that the attackers had cut off the index and middle fingers of the victim’s left hand.

Meanwhile, RPO Raja, directed Jhelum DPO Abdul Ghaffar Qaiserani to look into the matter closely. He said that the seven suspects named in the case had already managed to obtain pre-arrest bails from a local court.