We are one unfortunate nation that feels pride in celebrating murderers. Whether Ghazi Alamdin, Aamir Cheema or Mumtaz Qadri, all of them are celebrated heroes of our people. Once such individuals are dead, society constructs myths to turn them into saints and pious people. People frequently use the word un-Islamic, when they fail to convince their opponents logically or politically. It is this way of looking at things that have led to the grotesque killing of Mashal Khan on his university campus.

More than forty days have passed since the JIT report on the case has been presented and the authorities have failed to take proper action against the responsible ones as per the recommendations of the JIT report. It is certainly shameful that no justice is given to Mashal even after he is no more living. The perpetrators of his killing are roaming free on the premises of university. The report clearly states that Mashal’s murder was premeditated. Mashal was accused of blasphemy to get away with his murder. Failing to take appropriate action against the responsible ones is beyond one’s comprehension. There is no reason why the university’s administration is reluctant to act according to the recommendations of the JIT report.

Failing to act upon the recommendations of the report suggests that our state and its institutions cannot ensure the supremacy of rule of law, and that these JITs are just a way to delay justice enough to make people forget. Societies fail to progress and develop if the law does not rule supreme. A society is certainly a declining one if people who are wronged, fail to seek justice. It is heart-wrenching to observe criminal silence on people’s part whenever such injustices occur.

People lack the patience to listen to any dissenting voice. The state, with aid from the intelligentsia, needs to address the issue of growing intolerance. Likewise, we need to realise the importance of maintaining the rule of law supreme. There are very few religious scholars who can understand the importance of a pluralistic society and promote non-violence. If the above-mentioned issues are not dealt with firmly, we will witness more cases of mob justice.