With the initiation of Operation Khyber IV in the region of Rajgal in Tirah, near Afghan border, armed forces have already killed eight alleged militants and injured three other in air strikes on their hideouts.

Officials report that numerous hideouts of Lashkar –i-islam and Islamic state (IS) group were besieged in day long shelling. Residents witnessed helicopters approaching the area and heard the attack. They claim that addition forces have been deployed to the areas in vicinity, since June as a perquisite to the operation.

Pak Force was also a key player in these strikes, along with military helicopters at the LI and IS bases in Pakdara, Naray Naw, Sattar Kalay and Khairaba areas of Rajgal.

The estimates of human and material losses could not be established as reporters had no entry to this area that had been vacated by its Kukikhel inhabitants after the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan and LI occupied the Rajgal heights and surrounding areas in 2011.

The LI, made contact with the media and stated that it had sole dominance of these areas and would resist the ongoing operation. They also negated the claim about taking refuge in the bordering region of the Nangarhar province in Afghanistan .