The hearing on Joint Investigation (JIT) report resumed in Supreme Court as Prime Minister’s lawyer Khawaja Haris started his arguments today.

Three-member judge bench headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan accompanied by Justice Saeed Ahmad Sheikh and Justice Ijazul Hassan is hearing the case.

Khawaja Haris read apex court’s verdict of April 20th.

“The reason of reading the verdict is to highlight questions court wanted answers,” Haris said. The legal counselor held stance that JIT crossed its given mandate.

"Prime Minister was not given chance to present clarification by JIT," Haris argued. 

During the hearing, Justice Ijaz ul Hassan remarked that everyone included Prime Minister was given chance to present their stance.

“It will be wrong to say that they were not given chance,” Justice Ijaz remarked.

The SC judge further said that facts were hidden and answers were not provided by Sharif family.

“Some said that they don’t remember while some said accountant holds the information,” Justice Ijaz mentioned.

“The apex court further added that approach of Prime Minister and his sons was not to tell anything as they continued to deny every thing.

Khawaja Haris further argued that Supreme Court did not order to open Huddaiybia Paper Mills. 

"We have listened and noticed your argument," the court replied. 

Justice Ijaz ul Hassan remarked that Prime Minister has been going to London flats but according to his answers, he don't know who is the owner of that property. 

"On one hand it is been said by Sharif family that everything is discussed in its house while on other hand family doesn't know about owner of London flats," the court remarked.

Justice Ijaz ul Hassan further mentioned that Prime Minister also refused to recognise his uncle  Muhmmad Hussain during questioning. 

The court also raised question about ownership of Capital FZE company and Prime Minister's Iqama for work in UAE. 

Upon this Khawaja Haris replied that Hussain Nawaz is owner of FZE while premier only holds chairmanship of the company. 

"He got Iqama in 2012 but never get pay from the company," Khawaja Haris told the court. 

Sharif family's legal counselor also object on the forensic report acquired from England based firm. He argued that these reports and documents are not attested hence are unacceptable. 

He further stated that these documents are not acquired from foreign government. Upon this Justice Ejaz Afzal asked should these documents be rejected because they are not acquired from a government. 

"There is no proper definition of foreign government in law," Justice Ejaz added. 

"The court does not rely on opinion of JIT rather on material provided by it," Justice Ejaz remarked. 

On issue of Volume. 10 of JIT report, the top court stated that if legal team of Sharif family insisted, the bench will order to open it. 

On the issue of property ownership, the apex court mentioned that Maryam, Hussain and Hassan Nawaz accepts the ownership hence took responsibility of providing evidences regarding it. 

"One more chance was given to them through JIT so that relevant evidences and documents can be provided by Sharif family," Justice Ijaz ul Hassan remarked. 

"Earlier, Prime Minister stated that he has all relevant documents but later he said that no document is available," the court remarked. 

Justice Ejaz also said that if Prime Minister could not provide documents to the court then he must have handed over to JIT because we gave 60 days for it. 

"The documents were given to National Assembly Speaker then why not to JIT?" the court asked. 

The court was adjourned till 9:30 am tomorrow. 

Yesterday, appearing before the Panama judgment implementation bench, the defence requested the court to reject the report of the joint investigation team (JIT) that probed allegations of money laundering against the Sharif family.

The defence lawyer called the report ‘fatally deficient, incomplete and inadmissible’ and claimed the probe team exceeded the mandate it was given by the court.

The petitioners, one the other hand, argued that the case of disqualification of PM has been proved, and the evidence gained from abroad by the JIT has made it clear that the Sharif family submitted fake documents to the court.

But Khawaja Haris said there was absolutely no incriminating evidence in the JIT report against Respondent No1 (PM). He also demanded making Volume 10 of the report public.

Lawyers of the Sharif family and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar submitted separate objections to the final report of the JIT.

Naeem Bukhari, representing PTI Chairman Imran Khan, President Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rashid and Jammat-e-Islami counsel Taufiq Asif concluded their arguments, but asked the court that they reserve the right of rebuttal.