MULTAN - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice Chairman Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that Panama Leaks are nothing but a blessing of Allah as it unveiled the real face of corrupt ruling elite.

Talking to a delegation of PTI workers here on Monday, he said that the JIT report cleared all doubts and unveiled large scale financial corruption committed by the rulers. "That's why the affectees of Panamagate are raising hues and cries. It is because of brave leadership of Imran Khan that the people of Pakistan have seen the true of so-called political leadership," he maintained.

He claimed that the masses were also highly excited to carry out the accountability of the looters of national wealth. "Once they get punished by the court, people will get their turn to do accountability of the thieves," he added.

He said that the stubbornness of Nawaz Sharif delivered irreparable loss to his party. "It's not just political loss, his acts have badly dented country's image internationally," he maintained. He claimed that the political innings of PML-N had ended.

He said that the corrupt and ineligible rulers plunged the country into quagmire of problems. "Lawlessness, unemployment, poverty and many other issues have made the lives of people miserable but the rulers do not care about masses. What they are only interested in is how to increase their wealth," he maintained. He declared that a new era of progress, prosperity and happiness was about to dawn in the country.


Regional Police Officer (RPO) Sultan Azam Taimoori has set up Narcotics Investigation Units in all circles of Multan, Vehari, Khanewal and Lodhran. Police sources said that the narcotics units were set up to take the drug paddlers to the task and eliminate drug business. Sources said that the RPO held a meeting with the officials of the newly established units and told them that any narcotics cases registered in their circle would be investigated by them. Sources further revealed that the RPO had issued direction to the heads of Multan, Vehari, Khanewal and Lodhran police to trace all narcotics cases currently in investigation process.

The RPO also directed the narcotics teams to ensure dispensation of quick justice to the public and work hard to get the narcotics dealers punished. He also asked them to do investigation on merit and reject political and all other pressures.