Abid Shair Ali, a representative for PML-N conversed with the media yesterday, after the second hearing for the Panama case outside the Supreme Court.

Abid Shair Ali, while addressing the press took a jab at PTI, “Yesterday PTI decided to commence a celebration. Khan Sahib, the whole nation shall celebrate the victory of democracy. People like you tarnish what democracy is.”

He continued by saying, “I should ask Shah Mehmood Qureshi how many millions of rupees are given to him as offerings? How many offerings were received and how much tax was paid? Shah Mehmood only feeds himself with these offerings through shrines”

Ali did not hesitate to criticize Sheikh Rasheed as well, “He should drown himself in Nala Lai. For 25 years he had been polishing Nawaz Sharif’s shoes. Where did his property worth cores, come from? Could he tell how many anonymous properties he owns abroad?”

On this, Moshin Ranjha said that JIT head Wajid Zia gave his first cousin millions worth of cash through which he made him a part of his conspiracy. He remarked that there is no paper that could show that Nawaz Sharif is inadequate to be the Prime Minister.