CHITRAL - Six passengers including a woman drowned while eight others were rescued after a jeep skidded off road and plunged into River Chitral here on Monday, the police confirmed.

The police said that the Chitral-bound jeep was coming from Oveer Arkari when it fell into the river near Chew Bridge in Chitral.

The police said that dead body of Rahila Bibi, daughter of Gul Rahim along with the jeep has been pulled out from the water with help of a crane of Chitral Scout. Search for other bodies is underway, the police said.

Survivor of the accident Bashiruddin, son of Gul Bayaz, told this scribe that jeep driver Afzal Aman survived the accident but when he spotted drowning passengers in the river, he jumped after them and drowned.

On the other hand, sources claimed that two dead bodies have been recovered from the river at Broz village while others are still missing.

Meanwhile, Chitral residents complained that most of the accidents took place as there is no protective wall on the road along Chitral River. They alleged that the C&W department has made ditches in the road which has given rise to accidents.

The parapet wall constructed by the C&W Department, with substandard material, was damaged by jeep and it failed to withhold the accident.

This correspondent visited the office of C&W Executive Engineer Maqbool Azam to seek his comment but he was not present. Outside the office, some locals complained that the executive engineer mostly lives in Peshawar to supervise his under construction house.