Introduction of Conocarpus plants in Pakistan was a result of a plantation drive carried out by Mayor Mustafa Kamal, planting approximately 2.2 million of these leafy, shady green trees all around Karachi. The purpose was primarily to improve the rugged landscape of Karachi. However recent studies carried out by experts have claimed Conocarpus to be detrimental to human health as well the environment. A study conducted by a student of Karachi University claims to find pollen grains in the air which are responsible for causing allergies. Furthermore, it was discovered that the roots of Conocarpus spreads wide and extensively deep causing the water table to become shallow sucking the underground water at an alarming rate, also causing damage to infrastructure due to wide spread of roots. Experts are advising to diminish the promotion of Conocarpus plant as to reduce further deterioration of the environment.


Karachi, June 24.