LAHORE-Nowadays e-tourism is pervasive in Pakistan, thanks to social media boom, which has put the nature lovers’ mind at ease for searching and exploring their desired places in this country - blessed with countless scenic places, spectacular hill stations, beautiful lakes, tallest mountains, rich culture and heritage.

A number of adventure clubs were already working here before the social networking websites but they were approached by a few people. Now if one wants to make one’s holidays memorable, he/she first search the adventure clubs’ social media pages especially on Facebook and after satisfying themselves with their ratings - given by the users - and selecting suitable packages, they choose the best one.

Explaining the concept behind his adventure club, Tajwar Khalid, CEO of Destida – one of the top travel service providers in the country, said that Destida is a team made up of passionate travel enthusiast who joined hands together to work united with the locals to promote some of the most remote and unseen cultures, religion and landscapes of Pakistan.

However, the tourism industry anywhere cannot be improved without providing safety, accommodation and food to the people who want to visit a specific location.

About safety to his clients, Tajwar said that the safety of the people travelling with Destida is always his topmost priority and nobody is allowed to move ahead without proper security clearance of the area they want to explore. He said after safety, the accommodation and food are given special importance.

“We always have the best chefs with us and have the finest restaurants and hotels in our catalogue,” he added.

Suggesting the most superb places to explore, he said that one must witness yaks and badgers in Deosai with flowers so colourful draping the mountains of the tabletop of Pakistan.

“And must discover the never-ending beauty of Skardu, Shigar, Khaplu, Rama, Naltar, Hunza & Khunjerab Pass,” Tajwar advised the potential nature explorers.