LAHORE - Twenty-seven students of visual arts from the Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) displayed their final thesis at the Alhamra Arts Council on Tuesday.

Students, their family and friends also showed up at event. LWCU Assistant Professor Sadia Murtaza said the exhibition showed youth’s skills. “The show was an amalgamation of aptitude and affectability with the strong rendering of different subjects.”

A student, Maham Amjad, said her thesis was based on family connectivity and strong relations with parents.

“I showed emotions and attachments with family. Mostly these paintings present parents and siblings’ support. I highlighted the role of parents in life.”

Fakeha Zafar’s work revolves around little objects relevant to routine life.

“The dresses, piece of jewelry, pets, gifts from friends or even little time we spend with friends and loved ones, all are the part of happiness in our life.”