Lahore-Noori’s famous rock band’s lead singer Ali Noor expressed his gratitude for all the love and prayers he received from his fans.

Talking to Instagram, Ali Noor said: “First and foremost, thank you all so much for the love and prayers! I’m back and better now. I’ve been meaning to share something with all of you but due to this sudden incident there were some unforeseen delays.” Ali continued, “On that note, I’d like to tell you about something interesting coming your way.

I’ve put in my heart and soul into it so stay tuned and prepare yourself for some nostalgia!” The Coke Studio singer was hospitalized earlier this month after his case of Hepatitis A was mismanaged and deteriorated leading to his brother thinking that he may even be in need of a transplant.

Concerned fans and celebrities shared the post on social media to spread the word and to campaign for Noor’s recovery. A lot of people also reached out to the musician’s friends and family.

Noor’s Hepatitis A deteriorated into acute liver damage for which a liver donor from the age of 18 to 45 is required, as per reports.

Earlier, the singer’s uncle, Azam Jamil, Tweeted, “Ali Noor is seriously ill as doctors messed up his hepatitis treatment’

Noor’s brother and band member, Ali Hamza took to Facebook to issue some clarifications and told fans not to panic.

“He has suffered an intense bout of Hepatitis A. There is possibility of liver damage, but he’s being monitored by the best in the business,” Ali Hamza wrote.