Technical materials are valued in today’s world. They can be a car, mobile, computers and many more. In the 21st-century humans are getting knowledge from one way that is media. Due to the media, a person can communicate with far living people, can get knowledge and he or she can know about the world. I want to mention that these technical materials are full of advantages.

But on the other hand, they also have disadvantages. Media is the technical thing which improves our knowledge, but unfortunately, nowadays, it is destroying human lives through fake accounts, blackmailing, and wrong education. The users of these fake accounts can blackmail someone and compel them to commit suicide.

Besides this, students mainly get education due to media and other resources like YouTube. We cannot judge these sites to be good or bad for students. Because these sites are full of mistakes and when students are going to get an education through media then they can suffer. YouTube is the website which is full of informative thoughts, but you do not know whether they are true or not. Because in YouTube everyone wants their channel to be subscribed, so they upload many videos.

Be careful.