ISLAMABAD : Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq said on Wednesday that Opposition’s agitation lacked support of the masses.

In a tweet, she said that those born with golden spoon in the mouth, cannot launch political struggles.

She said that after the failure of Mandi Bahauddin corner meeting and workers conventions, Begum Safdar Awan wants to use GT road traffic to give impression of popularity. Firdous said that Imran Khan was voice of the people of Pakistan. She said that now they do not have support of Patwaris or police to force masses to attend their rallies.

She also said that Opposition parties were worried over loss of power, not the problems being faced by the masses.

They considered themselves above the law,but now have become helpless by equal implementation of law for all.

She said that the masses have rejected the plunderers and reposed confidence in the leadership which has put the country on path to progress and prosperity