ISLAMABAD - The district administration imposed Section 144 in Islamabad with immediate effect on Wednesday, banning gathering of 5 or more persons in limits of the district, particularly the Red Zone, and use of loud speaker and affixing posters on the walls to hurt feelings of religious sects which could disturb public peace and tranquillity. The administration issued multiple notifications to also ban use of sound amplifiers, distribution of hand bills, pamphlets, carrying out wall chalking, writing slogans, all kinds of gatherings of 5 or more persons, processions, rallies and demonstrations at any public place within the revenue limits of the district including the Red Zone. The administration also prohibited to carry fire arms, use of loud speaker, and sound amplifier.

sound system (except for Azan and Khutba for Juma prayers) that may cause nuisance and inconvenience to the general public. It also prohibited stock, sale purchase, and use of fire crackers and fireworks, use of cassette players, sound system and other mediums for making objectionable/sectarian speeches and sermons at any place within the revenue limits of the ICT.

Through a separate notification, it also prohibited digging out of stones through blasting and any kind of publication regarding launching of housing schemes or sale of plots, inviting applications. The ban will remain into effect for two months starting July 15.