PESHAWAR - Chairman Amun Taraqqi Party Muhammad Faiq Shah has said that his party is struggling to end the status-quo and called for re-establishment of real democracy in the country.

While chairing a meeting of party workers convention through a video link on Friday, Faiq Shah said that problems like water, gas and electricity scarcity were still unresolved despite the passage of 73 years of Pakistan’s establishment.

He said that Pakistan is one of the richest country in the world where abundant natural resources are available.

The ATP chairman also said that electricity load-shedding in summer and the issue of low natural gas pressure in winter is a persistent issue which needs to be resolved on a permanent basis.

Faiq Shah further said that the current rulers cannot end the exploitation of poor masses until serious action is not taken in this regard.

He also noticed that true democracy is lacking in the existing political system. He said the inherited politics system had flourished, which is now a major hurdle in resolving the general masses’ issues on priority basis.

He suggested that the present political system needs to be reformed forthwith.