A boy and girl were allegedly killed and their dead bodies were thrown into the canal in Gujrat.

According to media reports 22 years old boy and 19 years old girl were in love with each other, possibly both are killed by someone from their family.

It has been informed that the body parts of boy were cut and thrown into the canal, police did not registered the case till now. Surprisingly the case of this dreadful incident has not registered till now, after which multiple questions are surfacing.

Furthermore the postmortem report of the boy and girl came forward, but even after this the police refused to register the case.

On this incident the girl’s family has given the statement that their daughter was mentally ill and possible she committed suicide. It has been informed about the brutality with the boy before killing him that his ear, nose and tongue were cut, after which 3 shots were fired on his chest.

In this incident possibly the family of boy or girl were unhappy with this relationship, after which both of these youngster had to lose their lives.

However any sort of investigation has not been started by the police till now, whereas the boy’s family is forcing to register the case.