Islamabad - Drugs Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) Friday directed the pharmaceutical companies and druggists to submit correct calculations of revised Maximum Retail Price (MRPs) of the medicines and implement the annual adjustment as per law. This has been said in a letter written by DRAP to the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA), Pharma Bureau and Pakistan Chemists and Druggists Association.   The letter directed the associations to circulate the above notification among member companies/all pharmaceutical concerns to ensure implementation of the above said notification in letter and spirit. It said that the undersigned (Director costing and pricing) takes this opportunity to highlight the most common mistakes/deficiencies noted while processing the requests of pharmaceutical concerns with respect to the annual increase linked with consumer price index (CPI). The letter said that pharmaceutical concerns have submitted price lists without mentioning existing approved MRPs. In many cases formulation/brand name/registration number etc. of drugs are not mentioned. It said that in many cases, letters have been signed by unidentified ‘person-for’ against the designation of CEO/Director without identifying himself/herself and submitting authority letters. It added that some companies have mentioned existing MRPs of other companies instead of their own approved MRPs and evidence for authenticity of approved MRPs are not attached. The letter further said that many pharmaceutical concerns had mixed-up different categories of drugs, namely: essential, lower priced and other drugs. Since each category had a different rate, chances of incorrect calculations increase due to mixing-up categories defined in paragraph 7of Drug Pricing Policy-2018. Therefore, a separate sheet for each category should be submitted.

It also added that many pharmaceutical concerns have informed that they would increase the price from the date of their letters instead of the date of submission of the correct calculations along with evidence.