QUETTA      -         Director General (DG), Levis Force Balochistan Mujeebur Rehman has issued a letter to all deputy commissioners of the province for the immediate withdrawal of the Honorary ranks, shoulder promotions, in the Levis Force Balochistan in line with the orders of the apex court. “Conferment of honorary ranks upon Levis Personnel is not covered under any law in vogue,” According to a official letter issued to the DC offices said the apex court in its judgment had declared conferment of honorary ranks upon the personnel of law enforcement agencies as illegal or it had no legal provision, whereas the Home and Tribal Affair Department, of Balochistan, had also notified to implement laid down dictum and get honorary ranks withdrawn. The letter further read that in view of the apex court and government’s order regarding the subject matter all Honorary ranks, Honorary promotions, ranks out of turn promotions, shoulder promotions be withdrawn forthwith.DG Levis Force stressed that the necessary implementation report showing no personnel carries symbolic ranks, be also submitted.