Libraries give an opportunity to students, teachers, and scholars to read vast amounts of material that can enrich minds. They produce eminent historians, scientists, well-versed scholars and predictive leaders.

Therefore the government of Pakistan must honestly think of building libraries in each town, so that researchers, analysts, critics, scholars and students can benefit. Students require access to books, and domestic libraries can help them access expensive books as well.

Existing libraries should be enriched with all sorts of books and magazines, so that one can find all kinds of material only visiting a single library. In Sindh, the literacy rate is lower than in other provinces. Hence, Sindh needs more libraries and more governmental efforts should be concentrated there so as to raise the literacy rate and cater to student needs. In Sindh, Tahsil Moro, District Naushero Ferooz needs an urgent library; thousands of students are yearning for it. The Sindh government must make a library in the town of Moro so that the future of students is secure.

The Federal and Provincial Government must earnestly think of the youth and their studies. The youth is the future of the country and helping them learn more is the basic responsibility of government.