ISLAMABAD-The Ministry of Interior Friday in a meeting warned that no one would be allowed to challenge the writ of the state when it comes to the issue of Lal Masjid cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz.

The meeting was held at the ministry to review the overall security situation of the capital and to discuss the law and order issues surrounding the Lal Masjid. The senior officers of the ministry and Islamabad police attended the meeting.

The Inspector General of Police in Islamabad Amir Zulfiqar Khan in his briefing told the participants that the police would not allow anyone to take the law into his own hands, well-placed office sources informed The Nation. He also said that no one would be allowed to challenge the writ of the state in the federal capital territory and law would take its course against the violators.

The meeting decided that Maulana Abdul Aziz would not be allowed to lead Friday prayers at Lal Masjid as it would be a violation of agreement he already made with the local administration. It was also decided that there would be heavy deployment of police, both male and female, around the mosque to avoid any untoward situation during Friday.

The authorities at the interior ministry were actually alarmed with the recently released video message by Maulana Aziz that he was going to end his agreement made with the local administration and police.

According to the agreement, Maulana Aziz will not visit mosque for two months and the government would amicably resolve issues of Jamia Fareedia and Jamia Hafsa and fulfil their demands. The agreement was made after students of the two seminaries led by Maulana Aziz had been protesting in the Lal Masjid demanding that their “grievances” should be addressed.

Maulana Mohammad Yaqoob Ghazi, a close aide to Maulana Aziz and also a prayer leader at the Lal Masjid, told The Nation that the police did not allow the people to offer Friday prayers and heavy police were deployed around the mosque and the whole area was cordoned off.

He agreed that Maulana Aziz had released a video message about ending his agreement but added that he in another message has again said that the agreement would be followed in letter and spirit and would visit the mosque after it will officially be expired. He said that two-week time was left for the time period of the agreement to expire.

According to Yaqoob Ghazi, the police and local administration had agreed in the agreement that all issues of the administration of Jamia Fareedia and Jamia Hafsa that they were facing since 2007 to date would be resolved but none of these have been addressed so far.

He said that their demands include allotment of a plot for madrassa and withdrawal of cases against the teachers of the seminary.