ISLAMABAD-The commercial residential hotels of Murree are greeting tourists despite the fact that the respective administration has imposed a ban on tourism following the precautions taken to prevent the virus from spreading.

The efforts of the administration of Murree to minimise the traffic in the city during current days looks in vain as the flow of vehicles coming to Murree is increasing every day.

Before entering Expressway, a check post is formulated by the administration of Murree where the deployed police officials check every car going towards Murree.

Talking to Muhammad, one of the officials standing at the checkpost, The Nation has learned that the traffic heading towards Murree is increasing with every passing day. 

The deployed police officer stated that they were given permission to allow only the locals of Murree to pass through the checkpost and nobody else. But because of the open hotels in Murree, we are unable to stop the tourists coming from farther areas as they have already booked reservations for their stay in the city and have also paid the money.

When this correspondent discussed issue with the Assistant Commissioner Murree Zahid Hussain, the official stated that the administration would take action against the hotels which are still open. 

This correspondent also briefed the official about the Army Mess in Gharial which was also open and encouraged many others around it to do the same.

AC Murree stated that the administration would soon take action against them and would try their best to maintain isolation for Murree until coronavirus ends.

Explaining about the Clean and Green Murree project, the official said that the union councils of the city were now involved in the project of cleaning the rural areas of Murree. 

Zahid further briefed that the administration would now be able to carry its cleaning projects in the farther rural areas of Murree which were the major attraction for tourists and were neglected before. The official also stated that their department had also procured garbage bins which will be located in different areas of Murree Forest. The absence of garbage bins in the forest was the main reason for increasing litter, said Zahid.