Taking after the boycott forced on PIA Europe, US bound flights on the matter of questionable flying licenses of Pakistani pilots, PIA beneath an elective course of action has settled the things with Turkish airlines to require travelers to Europe and France.

Such courses of action have entered into last stage with French Airlines.

PIA will send its travelers to Europe and UK through Turkish carriers. The courses of action for carrying Pakistani travelers to Europe and UK were settled by PIA and Turkish Carriers beneath a code sharing understanding on January 31, 2020.

The talks are underway between the authorities to further activate the code sharing. PIA will bring Pakistani passengers from Pakistan to Turkish Sabiha Gochan airport Istanbul.

After two hours Turkish Airlines will take Pakistani travelers to those cities of Europe and UK where PIA flights worked ahead of burden of boycott.

PIA is finalizing its plan for other 25 cities of Europe and UK. Efforts are underway to create elective courses of action for taking Pakistani travelers to Europe and UK through chartered flights.

Talks are advancing with a French private chartered plane company and the things are reaching to enter into last stage.