LAHORE             -       Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar met with citizens and assembly members at Circuit House DG Khan on Friday and listened to the public problems.

The Chief Minister reiterated that he will go to every city to help solve the public problems. “Engaging with the common man helps to understand the ground realities and I am in constant contact with the people”, he said.

The present government, he said, will continue the journey of public service with commitment and hard work while the designs of the conspirators will be foiled in future as well. “They cannot hinder the journey of development. I belong to the people and, even, my life is available for service to humanity”, he asserted.

The CM regretted that exhibitory projects were inaugurated in the past but this government has put an end to this wrong practice.

He assured that the funds for South Punjab will not be utilised for any other purpose and this money will be spent on public welfare.

Buzdar regretted that development of Southern Punjab was badly ignored in the past but the PTI government had given rights to South Punjab for the first time.

South Punjab will be made a role model of development, he said.

The CM announced that provision of clean drinking water to DG Khan Division was a priority adding that special funds had been allocated to further improve health and educational facilities.

He announced that no leniency will be shown over theft of water.

He said that resources will be provided for repair and maintenance of roads in DG Khan Division but no corrupt official will be tolerated. He asserted that no compromise will be made over the quality of public welfare projects.

Merit has been ensured and police and administration have been given free hand, he added.

CM chairs meeting about Multan development

Buzdar chaired a meeting at Multan Airport on Friday and announced that a new phase of development had been started and special funds had been allocated for Multan Division.

He asserted that the locals will not have to go to Lahore due to the establishment of the Southern Punjab Secretariat which was a boon for the people of backward areas.

He affirmed that unjustified distribution of development funds had been stopped and the development of backward areas had been given particular attention. He directed that transparency and high quality of development projects should be ensured as no one will be allowed any defalcation.

The CM directed that no stone should be left unturned to protect the life and property of the people. He ordered indiscriminate action against hoarders, illegal profiteers and criminals and asked the officers to go to the field to provide relief to the masses.

The rates of essential items in markets should be daily checked, the CM further directed.

ACS (South), Additional IG (South), Commissioner Multan and others attended the meeting.

Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar met with citizens and assembly members at Circuit House DG Khan on Friday and listened to the public problems.