KANDHKOT               -        A shepherd, hailing from Nihal Khan Jaffrey area of Ghouspur, was kidnapped here. Accord­ing to details, Ghanwar Ali Jaffrey, 40, was looking after the cattle in katcha area of Ghouspur town that sud­denly some armed men ap­peared and took him away at gunpoint.

However, no FIR of the inci­dent was registered till the filing of this news. Simi­larly, a person, belonging to Sabzoi clan, was kid­napped here in the juris­diction of A-section police station. According to de­tails, Ghuhram, by caste Sabzoi, was heading to his village that when reached near Guddu Pull area near Haibat police checkpost, some unidentified gun­men intercepted him and also took him to the kat­cha area