President Obama has said: A significant progress is possible in the Middle East problem this year. What a stunning statement According to it, only a 'significant progress is possible but not a final solution. The problem is about half a century old. During this period, Israel has killed innumerable innocent Palestinian men, women and children. The Palestinians have been making immense sacrifices for the creation of a motherland. For Israel, a Palestinian state would be a gigantic thorn in its thigh. Israel seems determined not to allow a Palestinian state to be born. For this purpose, Israel is using a very barbaric strategy. The strategy is to kill as many Palestinians as possible so that not very many Palestinians are left alive to be able to run a state. The Palestinians are crying: We dont want a significant progress. We want a final solution - a motherland. Washington has snubbed the criers: Dont be over-ambitious. You cant have a motherland overnight. To console the Palestinians, President Obama has doled out $400 million to the Palestinians. According to the President, the money is meant for the social development of the Palestinians. Actually, the money is meant for some other purpose. Since Israel keeps killing the Palestinians torrentially, the money is partly meant for the creation of new graveyards and partly as a compensation for the bereaved families. America does not like that Israel should kill the Palestinians free of charge. America makes the payments to the Palestinians on Israels behalf. America has a very simple killing-morality. The morality proclaims: Kill to pay. He who cannot pay has no right to kill. America has practised this morality in Iraq and Afghanistan. Israel firmly believes that the Palestinian problem can be solved only by exterminating the Palestinians. For this purpose, Israel has been ruthlessly using its military power. But so far the results have not been as desired. Recently, some humanitarian organisations sent a flotilla carrying food for the Palestinians. It was a godsend for Israel. Israel captured the flotilla. The Palestinians were extremely despondent. Israel said to herself: Why not starve the Palestinians to death? Our bullets have so far failed to achieve our objective. A universal starvation must be able to do what our bullets have failed to do. On top of it, starvation will be a far cheaper venture than the bullets. Israel has repeatedly said that it would accept the creation of a Palestinian state only on one condition. The condition is that the Palestinian state would have no military force. Most probably, Israel has forgotten to impose a second condition. The second condition should require that the Palestinian state would have no police force either. Thus the Palestinian state would be a militaryless and policeless state. Obviously, such a state in the neighbourhood of Israel would be a washroom for Israel. Israel would deserve a Nobel Prize for the creation of such an unprecedented state. According to a news, the European Union intends to ask Israel that it should stop blocking the flow of the world charity-food into the Palestinian territories. Israel must be laughing. It must be planning to raise its blockade-walls as high as the sky. The sky-touching walls would warn the Union never to interfere in Israels domestic affairs again. If ever a Palestinian state was born it would be like the birth of a new planet. The world would be stunned. It wouldnt believe its eyes. It must feel that what it was seeing was a monstrous hallucination. Israel wouldnt allow a Palestinian state to function normally. It would do whatever it could possibly do to destroy its neighbour inch by inch. A Palestinian state would not be able to survive effectively as Israels neighbour. In order to survive honourably, it would have to migrate to some safer region of the globe. The Security Council is to hold an inquiry into Israels invasion of the flotilla. Israel has decided to have a parallel inquiry of its own. The world is amazed. It is asking: How can an accused sit in judgement over the accusation? The world should know that Israel can do so by having one of its legs in the dock and the other one in the judgement chair. Since Israel is to hold an inquiry, the Security Council should drop its own inquiry. Thus the Council can save a lot of money. This money should be regarded as a gift from Israel. The writer is an academic.