LAHORE On the first day of the general discussion on fiscal outlay 2010-11 here on Thursday at the Punjab Assembly, the PML-N MPAs used stale flowery expressions to laud their leadership for the people-friendly budget, and the Q-Leaguers bitterly criticised the financial document, while the PPP members are yet to take part in the discussion. The Opposition depicted its doubts about the actualisation of the money allocated under various heads, disappointment over the law and order situation and alarming condition of the over-draft, while demanding reconstitution of the IRSA and construction of the Kalabagh Dam. The Treasury members declared the budget a pro-people and poor aimed at resolving the issues and problems faced by the public. To yet another delayed start at 11:20am instead of 10am fateha was offered for student Ali Raza, who was adorned martyrdom in Kyrgyzstan, and the Treasury assured for extending financial assistance to the family. As per tradition Leader of the Opposition Ch Zaheer-ud-Din opened the discussion on budget, and came pretty hard on the Treasury for outlining the document, which did not serve peoples purpose at all. Nevertheless, he wanted that the government should have allocated more money for health, education and the KBD. To him, the priorities must have been placed rightly so that the public at large could have benefited, and in this context, he mentioned that the Dam should have got substantial share in the budget since it would act as the backbone of Punjabs economy. He admitted that PML-Q did not construct the KBD, but it has not retreated from the demand of its construction, while the N-League seems to be disinterested in it. He observed that crops yield was plummeting because of water scarcity 'the Chashma-Jhelum Link Canal closed but the government was not paying attention to it. The Opposition Leader, while pointing out the huge expenses of the Chief Ministers Secretariat 'In 2009-10, CMs Secretariat had an allocation of Rs 160million, while Rs 290million were spent, and this year, Rs 260million have been allocated opined that the Khadim-e-Ala Punjab had proven to be pretty high-priced Khadim (servant). Punjab, under a debt of Rs 94 billion, cannot afford such an expensive CM, he opined. To substantiate his assertion about the failure of the present dispensation, Ch Zaheer averred that people were committing suicide because of poverty, while the government was only issuing clichd statements. He warned that if the financial wizards would not change the fiscal policies, Punjab would become another Somalia. He was quite bitter about the privatisation being carried out by the provincial government, and observed that good-for-nothing children sell their parents assets, while others at least conserve property if they do not add to it. While asserting that the CM had made the Sasti Roti Scheme as an issue of ego, Ch Zaheer was of the considered opinion that the province was paying because of CMs obstinacy by selling its assets. To him, the Punjab had become police state since 89,000 people went to courts against polices highhandedness and 65,000 FIRs were registered against the men in black and Khaki. He added that if the CM was awake for 22 hours, then his administration was sleeping during this time, which had resulted in zero performance. He mentioned that the health and education sectors were not given due significance since education budget was increased by 0.2 percent, while for about 1500 public schools Rs 4billion only and for three Danish Schools Rs 3billion were allocated. He asked the government to appoint 2900 doctors against vacant posts and their salaries must be enhanced on the pattern of the army and judiciary. He demanded that the consumer courts should be put in place in every district. Ch Zaheer was of the opinion that the province was presenting a picture of 'development graveyard and 43 percent utilisation of the development budget was a perfect example of bad governance. He concluded that despite this third continuous budget, the government did not have vision and policy, and people were being befooled by it. Since CM Shahbaz Sharif had left the floor, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan assured the House that 'positive suggestions will be entertained. Parliamentary Leader PML-F Makhdoom Ahmed Mahmood demanded of all the political parties to support the idea of more provinces. While referring to the World Bank report, to depict disparity he mentioned that Rs 35000 and Rs 400 per head were being spent on citizens of Lahore and Jhang respectively. He criticised bureaucracy for not visiting the far-flung areas, and demanded that the government should concentrate on the backward parts of the province. Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed supported Makhdooms idea of more provinces, and mentioned that whenever conducive conditions would arise, the PPP would deal with the issue. After this, PML-N MPAs took part in the discussion to laud the government only. Later, the Chair adjourned the House till Friday (today) 9am.