LAHORE - The Flour Mills Association has geared up its efforts to convince the government on giving exemption to the flour milling industry from the turnover tax. As per details, Flour Mills Association has pointed out what it terms, the unjust approach of the government of making 100 percent increase in the price of wheat along with the imposition of different taxes, including turnover tax, as a result of which, no body from the platform of the flour mills association would be ready to follow the instructions of the government vis-a-vis fixing the flour rates according to government orders under the situation of present budget proposals and taxes. The experts from the millers informed The Nation the government itself is responsible for the soaring rates of flour in future, as the issuance rate of wheat being expected minimum at Rs 1,000 was signalling the per kg flour at Rs 32. But sources privy to the Food Department alleged that in the past, millers had also been involved in grinding the substandard wheat after getting the quality wheat from the Department and supplied flour to the market at the set rates of the government against the quality flour. Food Department sources also disclosed that this year government should consider the manipulation of the flourmills, which always provided flour to the market in different two to three qualities charging different rates. The matter of judging the standard flour was ignored all the times by the government that had provided the opportunities to flour millers to cash the wheat quotas fully. They admitted that in future in case of imposition of all taxes over flour mills the rates of flour would be different and quality flour to the masses could be near to Rs 33 to 35/kg. On Thursday a delegation of Pakistan Flour Mills Association under the leadership of Central Committee chairman Muhammad Iqbal and Dr Bilal Aslam Sufi met with Federal Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Pasha and Federal Board of Revenue chairman Sohail Ahmad to convey their reservations to the government regarding the taxes.